Center of Excellence For Financial Inclusion

NOWPDP facilitates countless trainees with disabilities annually and brings sustainable and long-term changes in their lives through programs and interventions for skill development and economic empowerment.

We aim to expand this number three-fold in the next year by building the Center of Excellence for Financial Inclusion in Karachi.

Through the Center of Excellence for Financial Inclusion (CEFI), NOWPDP will be able to more rigorously facilitate banks and other organizations to become more inclusive employers and service providers.

The CEFI will play a critical role in building the relevant skill capacity of persons with disabilities in seeking jobs on merit in the financial sector and mainstream financial needs.

To turn this project into a reality, we require your support to help Build Inclusion, Brick by Brick for an economically empowered future of persons with disabilities for years to come.

Join our mission so that together we can build inclusion, brick by brick!

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