Journey Of Hope

Year 2008 to 2012

“In the year 2008, a shining beacon of hope emerged, known as NOWPDP, illuminating the path for persons with disabilities. Like a gentle breeze carrying whispers of change, they embarked on a remarkable journey, seeking to empower those who had long been overlooked. The mission was to weave a tapestry of opportunities. With tender hearts and unwavering determination, they set out to create a world where disabilities would no longer be barriers but mere threads in the vibrant fabric of diversity.”

Year 2013 to 2018

“The team poured their energy into empowering persons with disabilities, kindling within them a fire of self-belief and resilience. They painted a world where differences were celebrated, where every individual, regardless of their disability, could soar to their highest potential.”

Year 2019 to 2023

“With each step forward, NOWPDP etched a legacy of compassion and inclusion, their impact reverberating through the lives they touched. They left an imprint on the hearts of those they empowered, turning dreams into reality and illuminating the path toward a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.”