Globally, persons with disabilities are excluded from educational opportunities, as only 10% can attend school, and only 5% complete primary school. In Pakistan, the situation can be much dire.

As a result, a vast majority of persons with disabilities also remain excluded from the benefits associated with education, such as better jobs, social and economic security, and opportunities for full participation in society. Considering this, skills development or vocational training is a viable option that can supplement and boost persons with disabilities in the economic arena.

NOWPDP Imparts Vocational Training across Pakistan

NOWPDP conducted a study commissioned by British Council called “Moving from the Margins” which comprehensively explains how relevant skills/trades can help bolster persons with disabilities’ chances of getting employment.

Using this as a premise, NOWPDP launched its first Training Center in 2019 and now provides training to persons with disabilities through its NOWPDP Training Centers situated in Karachi, Islamabad and Sujawal.

Following trades are offered:

  • Call Center Training
  • Computer Operator Training
  • Sustainable Bags Stitching Training
  • Advanced Excel Training
  • Rickshaw Road Training
  • Embroidery Training
  • Ironing Clothes Training
  • Graphic Design Training
  • Data Entry Training
  • Screen & Block Printing Training
  • Receptionist Training
  • Web Development Training

Click on the link to register yourself for a training: Link