The first and foremost of the pillars and the journey’s beginning is Rehnumai.

Access to information, the most fundamental of rights of any human being is a scarcity when it comes to persons with disabilities in Pakistan. They are not aware of all the rights, benefits and processes they are entitled to and have to struggle in all walks of life.

Through Rehnumai, NOWPDP provides guidance to persons with disabilities and paves their way towards a more inclusive society. Rehnuma is a portal possessing all sorts of information for persons with disabilities.

Rehnumai means guidance, to facilitate a person with disability in receiving the right accommodations to achieve independence. This can be done through giving the right information, helping them acquire the right assistive device or training, and leading them towards a sustainable source of employment for their economic wellbeing.

NOWPDP emphasizes on strong community outreach and building for this pillar where persons with disabilities are reached out to and facilitated in accordance to their needs.

Moreover, Rehnuma, is a new portal for persons with disabilities that hosts all sorts of information for persons with disabilities to lead a better life.

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