NOWPDP Beneficiary

 Shehzadi has a lower-limb physical disability. She got her SCNIC during our one-window camp in September, 2021. She belongs to Jok Sharif – regionally familiar for the tomb of Sufi Shah Inayat in its vicinity. It’s a one-hour drive from our Center of Excellence for Disability Inclusion in Sujawal. This long inaccessible route did not stop from enrolling herself for the stitching training as she was eager to learn a new skill. Along the way, we provided her with a wheelchair to overcome mobility issues. From the day of graduation in November until yesterday, she would take orders from her village, come to Moriro Markaz, stich clothes and travel back. This, however, changed today when we decided to initiate our self-employment chapter in Sujawal with her and provided her a sewing machine setup that can be installed in her village.