Muhammad Khalid

Rickshaw Trainee

Things were different before. I had my own business started set up that was doing decent and things weren’t so bad. I have always had polio but that never really came in my way. But after my accident where I fell and made my leg worse, things were bound to get different.

My biggest happiness is my only daughter. I have tried to ensure she gets the best education and make her mark in the world because I can’t always be there to protect her. I even let her drive my three wheeler bike. I want her to experience everything.

After the NOWPDP Rickshaw training, two things happened: I got motivated again after years and I learned a new skill. The way my circumstances took a turn for the worse, I am waiting and will work hard for them to turn good again. I know it is possible. I look forward to opportunities coming up after the Rickshaw Driving training.