Fozia Fida

NOWPDP Alumnus

In my family of 5 sisters and 3 brothers, I am the only one who has a physical disability. It always made me feel insecure and wonder why I am made differently and why others do not have this disability. I lived my life in this fear that I will never be able to live a normal life because I am made different.


However, I still managed to finish my Bachelor’s degree and my father was very proud of me. Though it took a lot of struggles to graduate, seeing my father so happy made me want to strive towards excellence. I heard about NOWPDP and enrolled in their call center training course. It was the best placement for me because I needed a job where I can sit and work. After the course ended, I secured a job at Jubilee Life in the call center and saw my father beam even more with pride. Of course, life’s struggles do not end, you just learn to cope with them. Sometimes people at the workplace also look at me and treat me like something is wrong with me, but I’ve learnt not to pay heed to them.


At NOWPDP’s graduation ceremony, I even won the award for the best trainee among a batch of about 200 people. I never thought this day would come, where I would be so proud of myself for achieving so many things in life. I believe it’s all about your mind – if you tell yourself you can do it, then nothing can stop you. Strength comes from within, and if you look closely, you will find it in yourself too.