NOWPDP Alumnus

When I was eight months old, I developed a fever and the doctor gave me two wrong injections. Within a few days, my legs started to twist up and my family was told that I’ve developed Polio. This was over 3 decades ago but it was all due to the doctor’s negligence. Today, I have polio in both my legs and make my way around using a wheelchair.

I started doing my Matric in engineering from St. Patrick’s School and did an additional three year diploma for computers and technical skills. The job offers I got were not good enough considering my educational background, but my disability was the reason why. I was desperate to earn a stable income so I got a rickshaw with my friend. I drove it around for a year, but it only made my life more difficult. When I started driving it, I could not sleep for a week because my back and hands were always hurting. People would either hurl insults at me, or offer me money as if I was a beggar. What I thought would be my independent source of income became an obstacle in my way to success.

One day, I saw a poster of NOWPDP offering jobs to disabled people. I reached out to them and they offered me a six month computer operator course, and a six month internship. Now I am proud to say that I work at Abu Dawood as a Sales Executive and have finally achieved the level of success in my professional life.