Amina Shabbir

NOWPDP Alumnus

My entire family is deaf, from my parents to siblings, and it is very easy for us to communicate amongst each other. Outside of the home, my aunt is usually interpreting messages for us, but when she isn’t there, I try my best to do it myself. I use written communication to convey my messages and Alhamdulillah it has never been a problem for me.


I completed my Inter three years ago and joined NOWPDP in 2020. This is my second graphic designing course and I am keen on learning as much as I can. My ultimate goal is to gain financial independence through graphic designing since there are many jobs available in this field. For now, I want to work as a freelancer or do some work from home, because I am not sure that an office environment would suit me so well. But wherever it is that I work from, my passion lies in graphic designing. In my free time, I help around at home and play some games, but my mind remains on new ways of designing existing ideas. Hopefully with these two courses, I can start working while still enrolling myself in higher level courses.